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Frequently Asked Questions

Lethal Premium Car Care Products were designed for super cars as quality level but are priced to be used on daily drivers.

We designed them to be used by everyone. DIYers apply it all the time.

Yes! Some of our product labels have a QR code. Scan the code on the label and watch the video.

Yes! We can be reached at our phone number, our what’s app, Facebook, or Instagram pages and by email.

We performed extensive years of research and testing. Every product is tested on our own Lamborghini and Shelby before entering the market.

Most other companies’ products are mostly water with small amounts of the expensive ingredients. We at Lethal still have water in our products. It is a much lower percent then the competitors. We also use the high amounts of the active ingredients and the highest quality ingredients.

Yes! Our leather products can be used on leather furniture. We have a lot of customers using both on their leather furniture.

Absolutely! It can be used on furniture to clean and remove stains. On one occasion, a customer spilled a coffee in our Louis Vuitton Pocket Book. Under our supervision the customer successfully used our fabric cleaner to clean her expensive pocketbook. It came out clean and stain free.

Yes, in fact we encourage it. Applying Lethal Glass Cleaner to your windshield we cause a hydrophobic effect and rainwater will just run off your windshield. It also makes cleaning bugs off your glass extremely easy. Lethal Glass cleaner can also be used on household glass for streak free clean windows.

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